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  1. FRESH ADMISSION - Right time to apply for AMIE admission to be able to appear in Summer 2019 Exams. Download AMIE admission prospectus
  2. RE-REGISTRATION AFTER EXPIRY OF 6 YEARS- It will be a great headache to go for AMIE re-registration after the expiry of 6 years of membership. You have to go through time-consuming steps. We have introduced a re-registration package which is specially tailored as per your needs. Download AMIE re-registration prospectus


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  • Summer 2019 AMIE exams declared. Download exam scheme
  • Study material in printed form from IEI no more available. Considering the emphasis on learning through digital mode globally and the MHRD's Policy to promote digital learning, IEI has taken a step forward for transforming the learning process for Section A by converting it to digital mode. For this value addition to the learning process, the digital learning content of the four subjects of Section A (cloud-based) is made available, to all our Section A diploma students who have registered on or after 1 Sept 2018. However, if you want printed course material with online support, you will get it from AMIE Study Circle, Roorkee. You may download this prospectus for AMIE printed study material
  • Worried for re-registration? Join our re-registration package after expiry of your 6 year membership period
  • List of Candidates eligible for Laboratory and Project work after Summer 2018 Section B Results
  • List of Engineering Colleges for AMIE Laboratory Experiments
  • Has your 6 year membership period expired? If yes, you must go for re-registration process. We have made a re-registration package where all the formalities will be done by us on your behalf. Study material with online support will also be provided. Interested? Just download AMIE re-registration brochure.
  • Latest AMIE membership list (January 2019)  (those who applied after passing Diploma/10+2) Discrepency list
  • Course Updates: Course material of Engineering Management (41 pages), Mechanics of Solids (30 pages), Mechanics of Fluids (40 pages), Thermal Science & Engineering (31 pages) and Manufacturing Technology (34 pages) have been updated. If you are our students then please visit this page to download the updates.
  • Course Update.  Course material of Water Resources Systems has been updated. If you are our students then please visit this page to download the updates.
  • AMIE question papers of Mining Engineering branch have been added. Download these for our students or free (limited) for others
  • Study material for Mining Engg branch now available.

Passed Section A? Wanna Section B Registration?

We offer an accelerated and hassle-free Section B registration package for you. If you have just passed Section A, go for it.

What is AMIE

I wanna know about it

Full form of AMIE is "Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers". AMIE is a professional certification given by Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata. The qualification can be earned by passing Section A, Project Work and Section B examination of the Institution. If an applicant passes both sections of the examination, he or she becomes an Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers (AM). AMIE is equivalent to B Tech.

Admission in AMIE

How to apply for AMIE after passing Diploma

Doing AMIE would by all means be best option for a Diploma holder. That way, you will be able to do your job alongwith your preparation for higher education. 

You can take admission in AMIE if you have passed Diploma in Engineering (from polytechnic/institute/university)/10+2. Admission take only about one and half month. Exams are conducted twice a year (June/December) starting from first Saturday. It is probably cheapest and most effective option for working aspirants in doing B. Tech.

You can join our AMIE admission package to avoid loss of time and efforts and to get effective study material and online support. AMIE registration is open throughout the year. Please see our plans and pricing for AMIE admission packages.

Study Material for AMIE

In need of a trendy study material for AMIE exams

We also provide exclusive AMIE study material for those aspirants who are already doing AMIE. With our printed study notes you will also get online support including various facilities such as video lectures, eBook library, question papers and many more. We cover entire AMIE syllabus as prescribed by IEI, Kolkata. Entire study material in the form of notes is divided into number of modules consisting of basic concepts and examples to bring out clarity. At the end of the module, number of problems are given in assignment sheets. Objective type questions (compulsory@20 marks) are also incorporated at the end of assignment sheet.

Study material of lot of optional subjects have been added in our postal preparatory programme. Download prospectus to know more.

Section B Registration Package

Passed Section A? In need of AMIE Section B registration

We also have a nice package for registration in AMIE Section B after passing Section A completely. This is a single window service and you get all facilities in this package like admission process, coaching material for AMIE exams, online support and what not.

AMIE after B Tech

If you want to change your current branch

There are many students who desire to do AMIE in different branch after B Tech. We have made a package for AMIE after B Tech so that they simply do not face any difficulty in getting admission in AMIE. They will be exempted from Section A.

Re-registration Package

Go for it after expiry of 6 years of membership

It will be a great headache to go for AMIE re-registration after the expiry of 6 years of membership. You have to go through time-consuming steps. We have introduced a re-registration package which is specially tailored as per your needs. In this package, all the formalities of re-registration will be taken care of by us. Apart from this, we will give you a well-structured course material of four subjects of your choice which is backed up by an excellent online support.

Online Support

Apart from printed study material, you also deserve an online support

We have online support for our students who have joined our course material for AMIE exams. It includes AMIE question papers, model test papers for AMIE exams, interactive objective questions, video/audio lectures, course updates and eBooks. You would need a password to login.  Access AMIE online support

We also have limited free edition of our online support for all students preparing for AMIE exams.  Access free online support for AMIE exams

Why Should You Enroll At Once For AMIE!

Don’t wait for an emergency.  when everything depends on whether you have completed AMIE or not (interview for promotion, for example).

Join at once.  Don’t wait till the day when you have to apply for AMIE re-registration. Don’t wait for such do-or-die situation.

Act NOW.  And prepare for AMIE examinations to pass subjects at once. Sign on for our amie course/admission package today!

Why Should I Join Your AMIE Postal Course? Why Not Book?
Well, this a very interesting question. You know, generally a book covers AMIE syllabus of all the engineering colleges in India to augment the sale of the book. In other words, books are not focused according to AMIE Examinations. So you have to put extra efforts to make notes from the book so as to make it useful for your purpose. In this process you waste your precious time. 
Read More and comparison of our AMIE course with books


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