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Chartered Engineer after AMIE

Any Life Corporate Member of the Institution of Engineers (India) can designate himself as a Chartered  Engineer (C Engg). A special certificate specifying as Chartered Engineer ( C Eng ) can be obtained on payment of Rs. 7500/- only (for India/Nepal) and US$ 750 only (for other countries).

A Chartered Engineer certificate will look like this:

Chartered Engineer after AMIE

Download form for Chartered Engineer

However, Corporate members already in possession of Chartered Engineer Certificate applying for the same after upgradation / transfer of membership or more than once for any other reason, the fee will be Rs. 2,000.00 (for applicants from India /Nepal) and US $ 200 (for applicants from other countries). Such Corporate Members should apply with a copy of existing Chartered Engineer Certificate.


Address for Communication  

The Director (Membership)  

Membership Department The Institution of Engineers (India)  

8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata 700 020  

e-mail :   


AMIE in Government Jobs

AMIE is recognised by Govt. of India and is valid for IES, UPSC, GATE, IES and Govt Jobs (where Eq. B.Tech degree is also mentioned). An AMIE person can only apply in those Govt exams where Eq. to B.E./B.Tech is written. As AMIE is not equal to B.Tech (it is equivalent. to B.Tech), it can not be compared with regular B.Tech. AMIE is basically done by diploma holders who are engaged in job and can not go for regular B.Tech. Selecting an AMIE or regular B.Tech is wholly a matter of management of a private or public sector company. AMIE basically helps in getting promotions and pursue higher education (M. Tech).


M Tech after AMIE

You can do M Tech after passing AMIE. For this, you have to qualify GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering). You can appear soon in GATE after passing Section A of AMIE exams. However, you should apply for GATE only after passing section B.

An AMIE should also be equipped with no objection certificate which can be obtained from the last institution( The Institution of Engineers, Kolkata for AMIE aspirants) attended by you as a regular student. Send an application to IEI with DD of Rs. 125/- for NOC. Attach Xerox of all related documents.

More Details on GATE


No Objection/Conversion/Equivalence certificate M Tech admission

If you are planning to take admission in M Tech programme, you must be equipped with No Objection certificate.

You may Call or email at

(033) 40106274

(033) 40106231


Enquiry for Issuance of conversion/equivalence certificate/appearance/Bonafide Certificate for GATE Examination

(033) 40106228


Contact for Equivalence Cases



Yes. You can apply for admission in MBA programmes after passing AMIE.


Faculty in technical Institution after AMIE

Yes. As per AICTE extraordinary gazett.

Also see this AMIE Recognition page.


Recognition certificate of AMIE

Visit this page of AMIE Recognition.


original pass certificate of Sections A & B examinations

Candidates, who have passed Section B examination completely in Summer/ Winter session of a year will receive their original pass certificates of Sections A & B examination in the Convocation to be held in next year. Original pass certificates of those candidates, who will not be able to attend the convocation, will be sent by registered post to their recorded addresses after Convocation.


Getting duplicate pass certificate/Grade Card of Sections A & B AMIE exams

A candidate, interested to obtain duplicate pass certificate of Sections A & B examinations or pass grade card/marksheet of Section A and/or Section B Examination, he is expected to apply for the same on the prescribed proforma (available on IEI website under ‘Academics’) along with either the original copy of the complaint to be lodged at the nearest police station or an affidavit, citing the specific reason for the same and the requisite fee. On receipt, the duplicate pass certificate/grade card/marksheet shall be sent to the applicant at his recorded address by registered post. 


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