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AMIE Examination Form


AMIE Exam Form Tips

You have to fill and send AMIE exam form to The Institution of Engineers (India).

Download AMIE Exam form

If you are finding it difficult exam form, you may refer dummy exam form.

In the form, you have to fill Centre code numbers/place/scheme (A/AD/All schemes) of AMIE exam centres and alsoBranch/subject codes

Slide Show - How to Fill Exam Form

Exam fee is Rs. 3000/-. DD should be in favour of "THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS (INDIA)" Payable at KOLKATA. Overseas exam fee is $ 225. The fee is fixed. You may fill max of four subjects in AMIE exam form.


Changing Exam Centre

You should normally select the examination centre within the jurisdiction of your respective State / Local Centre.

In exceptional circumstances, you may be permitted to appear from the Centres outside the jurisdiction of your State / Local Centres provided you enclose with their Examination Forms the satisfactory evidence of your being required to appear from other Centres.

No application for a change of Examination Centre will be entertained after the last date of submission of application forms.

Appearance from a different centre, without the prior approval of Headquarters in writing, shall be considered as irregular.

Enquiry for change of examination centre

Call: (033) 40106234



Exam Form Dates

Generally, Feb 20 to April 20 for Summer (June) exams and August 20 to September 20 for Winter (Dec) exams. See Exam Details for exact dates.


While filling AMIE exam form, there is option of ROLL NUMBER. I don’t remember my previous ROLL number. What should I do?

Skip roll number.


Exam Form Receipt Notification

You will not get any letter at your home address regarding acceptance of exam form. However, you may get an sms ( but not always). 
Roll number/admit card generally appear on website or about two weeks before start of exams.


Sending AMIE Exam Form Online

Step by step procedure:

Step 1: Go to  

Step 2: Fill examination form on screen. Press Print button to take print/screenshot/camera photo (for your reference). See sample below.

Step 3: Click on Payment Gateway and do the transaction.

Step 4: Take print/screenshot/camera photo of receipt which appears after making payment. See sample below.

Step 5: You are advised to ensure receipt of acknowledge in the form of 'Request Reference Number' and the 'Authorization Code' after completion of the transaction. The transactions without the 'Authorization Code' will not be considered as valid.

Step 6 (optional): You may send copy of (i) form (ii) payment receipt to IEI, 8, Gokhale Road, Kolkata - 700 020, W.B.


Selection of Subjects in Exam Form

You can select any four subjects in one semester while filling exam form. Select subjects judiciously. First see exam scheme. Order of subjects is fixed. So, select subjects in such a manner to get atleast one day gap in between so that you can revise well.


Documents to be enclosed with AMIE exam form

Not a single one except Demand draft (if you are sending form by post).

Keep a Xerox of completed form and DD.

Send exam form preferably by speed post (as it can be tracked) not by courier service.


What if I do not want to appear in forthcoming AMIE Exam

If you do not want to appear in say, December exam, just don't fill exam form. Even if you have filled exam form and received roll number, just do not sit in exams if you wish so. For next exam, you have to fill exam form again with requisite fee and send it to IEI.


Applying for section B registration and AMIE exam form simultaneously after AMIE result

If you have passed Section A completely then you can download Section B registration form from IEI website and send it to IEI after completing it with requisite fee. You may also join Section B registration package from AMIE(I) Study Circle, Roorkee. Third option is, wait for registration form to come from IEI and then send it to IEI.

You can also send exam form at the same time.


skipping a few subjects in AMIE exams

If you have filled all four subjects in exam form and want to skip a few subjects, you may do so. It will not affect you in any respect. You can appear in any number of subjects even after filling all the subjects in exam form. You can even drop the entire exam. You can appear in next exams in usual manner.


Membership finalised, identity card not received. Can I fill AMIE Exam form?

You can fill exam form for forthcoming exams if your date of election is on or before Feb 28 (for Summer exam) or August 31 (for Winter exam). This condition holds good for new membership. 

You will receive other documents at appropriate time from IEI, Kolkata. If you do not received these documents after a long time has passed, you should see your status by clicking on following links:

Non-delivery-study material
Non-delivery-identity card 

Identity card is generally sent separately after few weeks of sending membership number.


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