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AMIE Certificates

About AMIE provisional and pass certificates

Provisional Certificate shall be issued on passing Section B examination to the candidate along with the grade card of Section B examination. 

A Pass Certificate shall be issued to a candidate on his passing Section B examination. A duplicate certificate shall be issued on payment of requisite fee (Appendix VIII) provided a candidate gives an undertaking that the original has been lost, and enclose a FIR/General Diary/affidavit to this effect from the competent authority.

Pass Certificates of any year shall be awarded to eligible candidates, at the Convocation to be held in the following year, on receipt of their written consent to attend the Convocation with valid Identity Card and grade card/provisional certificate issued by the Institution for verification. After the Convocation, Pass Certificates shall be sent to the candidates by registered post, who will not be able to attend the Convocation.

If any candidate uses a language other than English in an examination, mention of the language shall be made in the certificate.

Candidates passing only Section B Examination in any branch will also be issued a certificate to that effect