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Section A
Fundamentals of Design & Manufacturing
Material Science & Engg 
Computing & Informatics 
Society & Environment 

Section B

Civil Engineering
Engineering Management 
Civil Engg. Materials & Construction Practices 
Water Resources Systems 
Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering 
Principles of Geoinformatics 
Analysis & Design of Structures 

Computer Engineering
Engineering Management  
Data Structures 
Programming Languages 
Pulse & Digital Circuits 
Computer Architecture 
Software Engineering 
Operating System 
Computer Networks 
Microprocessor & Controllers 
Computer Graphics 
System Analysis & Design 

Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Management  
Mechanics of Solids 
Mechanics of Fluids 
Thermal Science & Engineering 
Manufacturing Technology 
Non Conventional Energy Systems 
Design of Mechanical Systems 

Electronics & Communication Engineering
Engineering Management  
Communication Engineering 
Electronics Circuits 
Circuit Theory & Control 
Microprocessors & Controllers 
Design of Electronic Devices & Circuits 
Software Engineering 
Pulse & Digital Circuits 

Electrical Engineering
Engineering Management  
Circuit & Field Theory 
Measurement & Control 
Power Systems 
Electrical Machines 
Design of Electrical Systems 
Power Electronics 
Microprocessors & Controllers 

Mining Engineering
Engineering Management  
Mining Geology and Development of Mineral Deposits 
Exploitation of Mineral Deposits 
Mining Machinery and Material Handling 

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