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How to Search Exact Address of AMIE Exam Centre

Address is known but how to locate it?

The Hurdle 

Whenever roll numbers are declared, an AMIE aspirant takes a print out of admit card. Taking print is essential because you will not be allowed to appear in AMIE exams without admit card.

Now the biggest hurdle is to know the exact address of exam centre. A list of addresses of exam centres is issued by The Institutions of Engineers (India) a few days before the start of AMIE exams. You may visit our website just a few days before the start of exams for addressesof AMIE exam centres. 

The Solution

Though this list contains the exact address of exam centre yet the student is sometimes to locate exam centre either due to no mention of a landmark or simply because exam centre is not very well known.

The solution is very simple. 

  • Visit our website just a few days before the start of exams for addresses of AMIE exam centres.
  • Just go to Google map either on PC or on your smartphone.
  • In the search box, type address (such as institution of engineers, roorkee) and press enter.
  • The location will instantly be shown. You may follow the directions.
  • If the location does not show up, don't lose your heart. Just type various combinations of the address and give a try. You will succeed eventually.
AMIE Exam Address