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AMIE Contact Numbers and Email Ids

Have Issues? Wanna Contact IEI directly?

IVRS Number

IVRS Number  

Ph: +91-33-40155400 

Dial +91-33-40155400 to know details of AMIE Exams & Membership. Use 7 digit membership no. or 1st 11 digits of ref no.

IVRS number can be used for:

- Acknowledgement of Receipt of Payment and to know the 12-digit Ref No. through ‘Payment Details’ option. 

- discrepancy in application 

- whether the application has been processed and membership number generated. 

- whether the desired change in address has been done 

- whether Chartered Engineer certificate has been printed. 

Note: For general inquiry, you may contact/WhatsApp +91-9412903929 or email or visit site

General Inquiry

In case of any query regarding Sections A & B (AMIE) issue, please contact IEI Headquarters at the following numbers: +91-33-40106253 and +91-33-40106248

Examination Related

Examination Section  

Ph: +91-33-40106271, +91-33-40106272, +91-33-40106304


Enquiry for Section B registration, Laboratory and Project Guide, Change of Branch / Optional Subjects

Parmita Mukherjee

Ph: +91-33-40106230


More Information on Section B registration and Project/lab Work

Sign In and other online issues

Send an email to to refresh your account and also state your problem.

Transcripts / Verification Of Educational Credentials 


Change Of AMIE Exam Centre and subject code


Ph: +91-33-40106270 and +91-33-40106272

More information on AMIE Exam centre

Renewal Of AMIE Exam Registration After Expiry Of Six Years(Re-Registration)/ Premature Re-Registration


Verification Of AMIE Answer Scripts / Change Of Language


More information on AMIE answer scripts

Verification of Educational Qualification of Candidates, Transcript, Equivalence, Bonafide, CGPA to Percentage Conversion, Language Certificate


Ph: +91-33-40106306

Download duplicate certificate form

Inspection of Answer Scripts


Phone: +91-33-40106231 and +91-33-40106303

Read more on inspection of AMIE answer scripts

Equivalence of Membership

Phone: +91-33-40106253

General Inquiry regarding Section A/B

In case of any query regarding Sections A & B (AMIE) issue, please contact IEI Headquarters at the following numbers : +91-33-40106253 / +91-33-40106248

Membership Related

General Enquiry for all grades of membership. 

Phone: +91-33-40106248 , +91-33-40106299, +91-33-40106269

Email: and

Status of application for Senior Technician Membership


Phone:  +91-33-40106255  +91-33-40106302

Read more on AMIE admission

Status of application for Fellow, Member and Associate Member

Email: and

Phone: +91-33-40106266 and +91-33-40106268

Change of Address & Name correction for Senior Technician Members and Corporate Members (AM/M/F)


Phone: +91-33-40106255

Issue of Identity Card & Membership Certificate / Chartered Engineer Certificate for Corporate member (F/M/AM)


Phone: +91-33-40106269

Read more on Chartered Certificate

Professional Engineers and  Int P Eng Certification


Phone: +91-33-40106232 and +91-33-40106275

Read more on PE membership