Reviews from our Awesome Students

I'm very thankful to AMIE Study Circle. I've cleared my 11 subjects with the help of ASC, without any failure. Moreover, I am looking forward to taking study material for the remaining two subjects from the AMIE Study Circle. I strongly recommend your institution to every AMIE aspirant.
Loved your online and offline courses. Further, I found no difficulty - everything was just right and to the point.
Also, interaction on your WhatsApp/Call is helpful and responsive.
Anchal Chamoli

Thanks to AMIE(I) Study Circle, Roorkee for my success.
(Rupali passed AMIE in record time with high grades. The Institution of Engineers (India) has decided to award her a Merit Medal and a certificate.)
Rupali Bavishi

I am Abhilash S S. I joined AMIE in Civil Engineering in 2010. At that time I got an opportunity to work at L&T Construction. I started my career as a Diploma Engineering Trainee. I have suffered a lot professionally due to my lack of an Engineering degree. Now I have achieved AMIE in the civil Engineering exam because of the prayers of my teachers and colleagues and with the blessings of GOD. I have tried for AMIE for 12 years. That is 24 semesters. AMIE Study Circle had given me proper guidance which paved the way for clearing AMIE exams.
Abhilash, Kerala

मेरा नाम पवन कुमार है। मेरा MEMBRSHIP ID ST5930079 है। मैं बहुत दिनों से EXAM दे रहा था लेकिन मेरे 4 SUBJECT निकल नही रहे थे तो इसी बीच AMIE STUDY CIRCLE के निर्देशानुसार और उनके नोट्स से थोड़ी स्टडी की और ईश्वर की कृपा से FINALLY PASS हो गया। HEARTLY THANKS TO AMIE STUDY CIRCLE.
Pawan Kumar

Quality notes and the online portal of the AMIE Study circle were very helpful to me during the AMIE studies. I would recommend everyone who is pursuing AMIE for their guidance and study material. The good thing about the AMIE Study Circle is that you can access a variety of textbooks and download them for your study reference.
Aditya Pratap Singh Chandel

I have completed my section A (Winter 2022) with a 7.50 GPA and an H grade in Material with the help of the AMIE study circle, which effectively provides the study material covering the syllabus of IEI. The notes are beneficial for completing the exams with good marks.
Jugal Kishor

Notes provided by AMIE Study Circle, have helped me a lot in securing an H grade in computing informatics (one of the diverse subjects of section A).
Akshay Tripathi

I completed my AMIE with a 7.33 CGPA in Summer 2022 with the help AMIE study circle, AMIE study circle provides the Study material covering the syllabus of IEI effectively.
The notes are very helpful for completing the exams with good marks. Thanks, AMIE study circle.
Sheesh Ram

AMIE (I) Study Circle provides refined and Excellent notes to clear the AMIE exam. I completed the AMIE in the Summer 2022 exam with a 7.87 GPA with the help of AMIE (I) Study Circle notes. I thank AMIE (I) Study Circle for continuous guidance and Support—double excellent!
Shyam Bihari Gangwar

It is very helpful for passing AMIE successfully. I secured a GPA of 8.3. I got a grade H in two subjects, grade A in two subjects, and B in two subjects.
Nilesh Chavan

I express my heartfelt gratitude for all the help and guidance you provided during my journey through the AMIE program. I was previously unsuccessful in passing the program, having failed to secure a D grade on my last attempt - 8 subjects/Project & Lab were clear. I was completely hopeless and decided to leave the program altogether.
However, with your help and support, I started a new journey towards completing the AMIE program. Your encouragement and expertise were instrumental in helping me overcome the challenges I faced along the way.
 With THE help of AMIE Study Circle, Roorkee, I completed the AMIE program with a 7.4 CGPA.
Parminder Singh

I prepared the subject "Mechanics of Solids" through study material provided by AMIE(I) Study Circle. Secured an "A" grade in Summer 2022 examination and also cleared my AMIE - Mechanical Engineering.
Thanks to the AMIE(I) Study Circle, Roorkee team for drafting such a crystal clear and to-the-point exam preparatory course.
 I would also like to thank you for your online support and timely updates related to the exam.
Muqeem Rao

I got immense help and guidance from AMIE Study Circle, Roorkee, on passing Section A successfully. The course materials provided by AMIE Study Circle are not only comprehensive but also exceptionally well-structured. The study resources are tailored to meet the specific needs of AMIE aspirants, making the learning process smooth and efficient. Now, looking forward to passing Section B with flying colours with the same positive mindset and assistance from them.
Pratik Chakraborty

AMIE study circle, Roorkee is an amazing source of notes for clearing tough exams like AMIE. I am a working person also pursuing AMIE in Civil Engineering. I have cleared section A with the help of AMIE study circle notes. Further in Section B, with the help of notes from the AMIE study circle, I obtained grades A, B & C respectively in Fundamentals of Geoinformatics, Construction Materials & Engineering Management.
 Further, I thank Siddiquie Sir, for his guidance and for giving exam tips. I also pay my thanks to the entire ASC team.
Sunny Verma

My experience was very good with AMIE Study Circle, Roorkee. Their
notes were very useful to me & I cleared sections A & B. I am feeling happy & vibrant. Credit goes to
AMIE study circle.
Sunita Baraskar

AMIE Study Circle Material was very helpful in clearing my Sec A & Sec B. Finally cleared AMIE, I thank AMIE STUDY CIRCLE for guiding me through the entire journey of AMIE Course.
Afzal Mohiuddin

Thank you for the valuable support. An easy and understandable study material helped me pass AMIE on the first attempt. After passing sections A and B, they also provided support to complete the project and laboratory experiments. I have completed AMIE in Winter 2022.
Avani J A

This study circle helps to guide AMIE aspirants in achieving a highly knowledgeable platform relevant to engineering and technology.
Nidhi Singh

Thanks to ASC for providing us with good notes for section B. I have cleared seven subjects so far. In the last exam, I got a B grade also.
Aikya Debnath

Very nice Institute for guiding AMIE Aspirants. I successfully cleared Section A. This Coaching is excellent in providing Study Material for AMIE exams.
Arun Singh

I have prepared AMIE section B for the last two years but I have not had success. Then I came across the AMIE Study Circle, Roorkee where I found a systematic approach in clearing my subjects. Furthermore, in some subjects, I got an H grade. I am thrilled with the study material provided by AMIE Study Circle. I am very thankful to the AMIE Study Circle.
Bikshapathi Goud