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Which Book Should I Read for AMIE Exams?

At the end - a good study material matters!

Which book should I read for better preparation for the AMIE exam? This is a question which is very frequently asked by AMIE aspirants. The best way is to use a book which is most popular in a nearby engineering college as it would be readily available in your vicinity. These books are also most likely to be available second-hand as many students sell them after finishing their term. So, you can also save a few bucks!

Do not rely too much on books by foreign authors (though there are a few exceptions such as a book of Material Science by Callister). Books by Indian authors (avoid IIT authors) will give more value for money and are easy to comprehend. 

You may buy second-hand books from any bookshop near any engineering college or in your city (which is near an engineering college). Books can also be purchased online from eCommerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. 

Google Books is another good source for learning. Give it a try. You can learn a lot from its preview feature. First, search the book by title or author. Now click on the book preview. It will show a full view of the first 20% number of pages. After that, it will miss a few pages from each chapter. But, this will serve your purpose of referring to a topic or numerical on your laptop instead of buying a particular book from the market!

You may also join a good preparatory course given by AMIE(I) Study Circle, Roorkee for AMIE exams. Not only do they provide excellent printed course material but also online support. This online support covers previous years' question papers, audio/video lectures, eBooks, frequent course updates, interactive objective questions and whatnot. A few samples are also available.