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Medium of AMIE Exams

Default medium is English.

What is default language to write AMIE exams?

English is the medium of examinations.

Can I write AMIE exams in Hindi.

You may be permitted to write your answers in all subjects in Hindi, provided you have passed the Diploma Examination in engineering in Hindi.

Can I revert back to English after getting permission to to write AMIE exams in Hindi?

Once permitted to use Hindi, you shall not be permitted to use English in any subject subsequently.

Would my IEI certificate mention the language in which I wrote AMIE exams?

If you use a language other than English in AMIE exam, mention of the language shall be made in the certificate.

How to apply for change of language?

Please refer this web page on applying for AMIE in Hindi Medium

Can I use English words if am writing my exam in Hindi?

You must use only hindi words. However, you may write english words in Hinglish - such as "stress" as "स्ट्रैस" or "beam" as "बीम".

Do you provide study material in Hindi for AMIE exams?

Yes, we do. But only for Section A (Diploma stream). See pricing.

Please share IEI contact details for inquiry.

You may visit this webpage for IEI contact details