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Project Work & Laboratory Experiments For AMIE Exams

You have to do Project/Lab work after passing five subjects in Section B

Frequently asked questions on allotment of project guide

Project work submission

Lab work submission

When should I apply for project and laboratory work?

You will be eligible for project work only after securing minimum grade 'C in 5 subjects in an engineering branch of Section B.

Would after passing five subjects of Section B, I get project work and lab work forms and guidelines?

Yes. You will get grade card along with prescribed format for project work and laboratory experiments and guidelines. The prescribed format shall be returned duly filled-in by the candidates within the stipulated period. You will receive two letters/forms. One containing name of project guide and another is a form with list of colleges. You have to fill college name in the form and send it to IEI, Kolkata.

Would I select project guide of my choice or he/she will be chosen by IEI for me?

On receipt of the application, you will be intimated the name and address of the project guide, who in turn shall assign the project work to the candidate.

I have just received a letter from IEI regarding project work. It is stated in the letter that "This is to confirm that you have been registered for the project work in Electrical Engineering branch, having optional subject code nos. 411, 414, 415 with the following Project Guide, whose name and address are given below:" Does it mean that I have to select a project topic from optional subjects 411, 414 or 415?

No. Code numbers 411, 414 and 415 are your optional subjects in Section B. The topic of the project work will be given to you by the project guide.

What if the project guide I assigned is not interested, out of station, or expired?

In case the Project Guide allotted to you is not available, you should contact the Chairman of your attached centre and submit an application to this effect for allotment of another Project Guide. Applications for another project guide should not be sent to IEI HQs, but to chairman of IEI local centre. See addresses of IEI centres to contact chairman.

How many marks do project work and lab work worth?

100 marks each. There will be internal as well as external evaluation of the project work.

What is the minimum grade to pass project/lab work?

Minimum aggregate for passing project work will be grade 'B'.

What does internal evaluation mean?

The internal evaluation will be carried out by the project guide based on the project report submitted by the you to him. One copy of the project report will be submitted by you to the project guide and another copy to the Headquarters of the Institution.

What does external evaluation mean?

External evaluation will be done by a IEI Committee. In case you fail to pass the project work in one or more attempts, you shall be required to re-register again for the same with the prescribed fee.

Can my project report be rejected?

The project report sent by your project guide is first scrutinised by an external guide and may be rejected if the topic is beyond the syllabus? So be careful in selecting a topic for the project.

What is the time limit to complete project and lab work?

6 years as given for Section B.

How many experiments should be done by me in laboratory work?

10. See list of experiments out of which you must select any 10 experiments to do.

Would a certificate be given to me after completion of all 10 laboratory experiments?

Yes, they should issue a certificate. See a copy of this AMIE lab experiment completion certificate.

How to select engineering college of my choice to do laboratory work?

List of engineering colleges is available on IEI website and is updated frequently. You just download this list and select college of your choice.

What are the fees for project work and laboratory work?

Fee for Project Work is ₹ 3000/- ($200 for overseas students) and that of AMIE Lab Experiments is ₹ 7000/- ($400 for overseas students)

What if fail to complete Project/Lab Work or just fail in project/lab work?

In case you fail to obtain the required grade in the project work in one or more attempts, you shall be required to re-register again for the same with the prescribed fee of ₹ 3,000.00/US $ 200. Read page number 2 of project guide.

In case you are not able to complete required number of laboratory experiments and obtain grade ‘B’ in one or more attempts, you shall be required to re-register again for the same with prescribed fee (₹ 7000.00/US $ 400). Read page number 5 of AMIE project guide.

Please share me contact details in case of any issue in project/lab work for AMIE exams.

As a rule, you should wait for letter. However, you may contact HOD of concerned college with printout of page in which your name appeared. If HOD is cooperative, he may allow for AMIE lab work.

In case of any difficulty, you may contact  and

Should We Send the Original Project Certificate And Lab Experiments Certificate To IEI?

Yes. You should send the original to The Director (EEA), The Institution of Engineers (India), 8, Gokhale Road, Kolkata - 700 020. Keep a copy with you.

How would I know which project guide is assigned to me?

To know about your project guide, you may visit for latest list.

Is it true that grades of project work and lab experiments are not included while calculating GPA?

Yes. This is true. Grades of AMIE Lab/Project work will not be included in this GPA calculation. See AMIE GPA/CGPA calculation and percentage conversion method.

What is the impact of grade "D" in projec/lab work?

As for role of grade "D" in project work/lab experiment, read following examples carefully:

Example: I have got grade "D" in one subject in just concluded AMIE exam of section B. I have passed all other subjects with total GPA more than 6. My lab is submitted but project is not submitted. Should I appear in the subject in which I got grade "D"?

No. Grades of AMIE Project work and Lab experiments are considered in CGPA (not in GPA). So if your project/lab is not submitted and you got grade D in latest attempt (provided GPA is over 6), you need not appear in any subject. just wait till your project/lab is submitted (both internal and external) so that CGPA can be awarded. Afterwards, you will be declared pass.

 Please share me IEI contact details for inquiry.

You may visit this webpage for IEI contact details.  

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