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How to Write in AMIE Exams for Better Grades

Check out all the things you required during exam time Pen, Pencil, sketch Pens, rubber, sharper, and everything whether it is small or big matters a lot during your exam time

Time management is important. Read out all the questions carefully before writing anything on an answer sheet and always start your answering from the questions which will carry maximum marks as well as which you think is tougher. Assign an appropriate time to the question and justify the marks given to them. 

Keep your answer sheet neat & clean. It will good impression on the evaluator.

Write the answer in the point method. Just break your answer in the point. This way examiner will be able to check your answer with ease. If the initial points are good, the probability of getting the highest marks is maximum.  

Underline the keywords. While writing the answer underline the important keywords. This technique will be a good long answer. Generally, an examiner has many copies to check, so he skims over the answer. So if he finds the required keyword. Your job is done. 

While solving the numerical question, always box the answer. This will help you in grabbing the attention of the examiner. 

Write in heading and sub-heading. This way of technique helps the examiner is seeing the important text and impress the examiner also. 

When you end up with an exam paper or question paper don’t feel like running out of the examination hall, Sit there and review each and every answer before depositing that to the invigilator also, look for the questions you left during answering or in which you stuck. Look for the beautification of the answer so that it can grab the eye of the examiner easily. 

Your handwriting should be good and easily understandable. 

Make sure your answer is not too long and not too short. It should be to the point and justify the marks given on that. Many AMIE aspirants complained that they wrote lengthy answers but could not score well. They must remember that in the AMIE exam, the quality of the answer matters, not the quantity.

Do you know that you can plan your strategy for AMIE studies on the basis of the exam scheme?

Yes, you can. But how? Just look at the exam scheme of the last few semesters. You will notice that it is just the same! What does it mean? Well, based on this, you can plan your studies!  

Example: Suppose you are appearing in Section A. You can either appear in all four subjects (do this if you have plenty of time to prepare for AMIE exams) or in less than four subjects. In the latter case, opt for two subjects only in such a manner that there is a gap of one day in between. It will give you enough time for revision. Next time, opt remaining two subjects. This will ensure good grades.

Never write anything at the end of the answer sheet like your name, roll number etc. Your AMIE result will certainly be withheld.