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- Tracking number (speed post) for Section B Grade Cards - Winter 2022 session. Download list
- Tracking Numbers (Speed Post) for Section A Grade Cards - Winter 2022 Examination. Download list
- Project & Lab Work Update: In case you wish to perform the project work and laboratory experiments for the Summer 2023 session, you are directed to log in with your login ID and password and submit the application forms for laboratory and project work online on or before 08 March 2024. Download notification
- An optional subject in the Electrical Engineering branch "Power System Performance" has been added to our study kit.
- How to become a Chartered Engineer
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B Tech News (Working Professionals)

- B Tech for working professionals in the Galgotias University (Greater Noida, U.P.) in Computer, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. See details.
- All the seats in B.Tech. for working professionals in the Osmania University (Hyderabad) in Civil/Mechanical/Computer Engineering are almost full. However, admission to M. Tech. for working professionals as per AICTE guidelines is taking place. See details at https://www.uceou.edu/ceep.php
For B Tech vacant seats, you may contact at: sriramvenkatmech@gmail.com; 9440408333; 040-27098254
-- Always carry a pdf/print of the guidelines for working professionals (engineers) when you visit an engineering college (in a 50 km radius) for admission in "working professional (engineering)" mode. Never take admission in "regular mode", for it may cause enormous problems in the future.
- Coming soon: Study material for B Tech exams for working professionals (from May 2024)
- You will be able to do BTech along with the job, the course will start in these eight colleges of UP associated with AKTU.  Courses will be started in these colleges:
Greater Noida: Galgotias ITS, Noida Institute.
Ghaziabad: ABES Engineering College, IPEC.
Meerut: MIET.
Moradabad: Moradabad Institute of Technology.
The admission process to Ramswaroop College of Engineering and Management, Lucknow will be started soon.
See news on Hindustan
- Guidelines for Working Engineers in AICTE-Approved Institutions for Diploma, UG and PG Courses in Engineering & Technology (w.e.f. A/Y 2024-25). See details
- Frequently asked questions on B Tech for working professionals (updated)

Study Material for Section A and B of AMIE exams

If you are in search of an effective study material based strictly on AMIE exams' trend then you may take study material from us. Our study material for both Section A and B is backed up by a very useful online support (digital library, AMIE question papers, model test papers, video lectures from best sources and online objective questions). A lot of optional subjects are also included in the preparatory course. So, what are you waiting for? Why not give our course a try?

Section B Registration Package

The process of registering in Section B may be quite hectic for a working aspirant. Keeping this issue in mind, we have introduced a package which includes both registration for Section B and printed study material with online support. If you recently pass section A and wish to register for Section B - this package is best for you!

Course Features

Highlights of course material and online support for AMIE exams

Best for working aspirants

We know that an AMIE aspirant is most probably engaged in a job. He can spare little time for preparation. Keeping this fact in mind, we have designed our course in a compact form. A minimum of two hours study of our course will certainly help you in getting good grades in AMIE exams.

No text-book required

As far as study for AMIE is concerned, text-book always baffles. The novelty of our course is that it is focused. Focused on AMIE Examinations - entire syllabus covered. That is why our preparatory course is better than books as far as AMIE examinations are concerned. 

Course content

Well, we cover entire AMIE syllabus as prescribed by IEI, Kolkata. The entire printed course material in the form of notes is divided into a number of modules consisting of basic concepts and examples to bring out clarity. At the end of the module, a number of problems from AMIE exams are given.

Online Support

To further strengthen our AMIE course, we are giving online support which includes AMIE question papers, model papers, online objective questions, video lectures and eBooks (digital library).


Luckily our institute is situated in Roorkee - an education hub. We have a team of retd. professors from IIT, Roorkee and working faculty from various engineering colleges in Roorkee.

Kaizen strategy adopted

We are a big fan of Japanese Kaizen strategy (continuous improvement) and hence, we follow it vigorously in our course development.

Language of the course

Entire course is written in very lucid English language easy to understand.
Section A study material is also available in Hindi.

Help Desk

We proudly say that our help desk is best. Call/WhatsApp us any time and your query will be resolved from the best of our heart.

Communicate with us

Drop a Line

Don't hesitate to contact us

Ready for offers and cooperation

Phone/WhatsApp: +919412903929
Email: info@amiestudycircle.com
Start a chat on WhatsApp (on mobile only)

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 Glowing reviews from our awesome students.

Google reviews

I express my heartfelt gratitude for all the help and guidance you provided during my journey through the AMIE program. I was previously unsuccessful in passing the program, having failed to secure a D grade on my last attempt - 8 subjects/Project & Lab were clear. I was completely hopeless and decided to leave the program altogether.
However, with your help and support, I started a new journey towards completing the AMIE program. Your encouragement and expertise were instrumental in helping me overcome the challenges I faced along the way.
With THE help of AMIE Study Circle, Roorkee, I completed the AMIE program with a 7.4 CGPA.
Parminder Singh

AMIE Study Circle Material was very helpful in clearing my Sec A & Sec B. Finally cleared AMIE, I thank AMIE STUDY CIRCLE for guiding me through the entire journey of AMIE Course.
Afzal Mohiuddin

I got immense help and guidance from AMIE Study Circle, Roorkee, on passing Section A successfully. The course materials provided by AMIE Study Circle are not only comprehensive but also exceptionally well-structured. The study resources are tailored to meet the specific needs of AMIE aspirants, making the learning process smooth and efficient. Now, looking forward to passing Section B with flying colours with the same positive mindset and assistance from them.
Pratik Chakraborty

मै AMIE Study Circle, Roorkee की टीम का धन्यवाद तथा आभार ब्यक्त करना चाहता हू कि जिनके मार्ग दर्शन मे मैंने AMIE Electrical Engineering का कोर्स लगभग दो वर्ष मे पुरा कर लिया। मेरा Registration तो पुराना था लेकिन रेलवे मे विभागीय परीक्षा मे प्रोमोशन के लिए Electrical Engineering मे डिग्री की अवश्यकता थी। जो मैंने Reregistration करने के बाद कम समय मे AMIE कंप्लीट कर लिया। मैंने AMIE Study Circle Roorkee से नोट्स मंगाकर Study किया जो AMIE Exam के लिए काफी Effective रहा।
Jhagaru Prasad