An engineer is a mediator between the philosopher and the working mechanic and, as an interpreter between two foreigners must understand the language of both, hence the absolute necessity of possessing both practical and theoretical knowledge.
Henry Palmer


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Re-registration Alert

After the expiry of the 6 year period (i.e. if your membership is obtained in 2013 and before), you can apply for AMIE re-registration so as to get another period of 6 years. But, the whole process is a bit complicated. Keeping this problem in mind, we have made a re-registration package in which all the formalities will be done by us. Apart from it, we will give you study material of four subjects with online support.

Note: If your membership is on or before 31 May 2013, then you must apply for re-registration, it will keep AMIE recognition status intact. (Why?)

Study Material & Online Support for AMIE Exams

If you are in search of an effective study material based strictly on AMIE exams' trend then you may take study material from us. Our study material is backed up by a very useful online support (digital library, AMIE question papers, model test papers, video lectures from best sources and online objective questions). A lot of optional subjects are also included in the preparatory course. So, what are you waiting for? Why not give our course a try?

Section B Registration Packages for AMIE Exams

The process of registering in Section B may be quite hectic for a working aspirant. Keeping this issue in mind, we have introduced a package which includes both registration for Section B and printed study material with online support. If you recently pass section A and wish to register for Section B - this package is best for you!

Course Features

Highlights of our course material and online support

  • Language of the course - Entire course is written in very lucid English language easy to understand.
  • No text-book study required - As far as study for AMIE is concerned, text-book always baffles. The novelty of our course is that it is focused. Focused on AMIE Examinations - entire syllabus covered. That is why our preparatory course is better than books as far as AMIE examinations are concerned.
  • The Best option for working aspirants - We know that an AMIE aspirant is most probably engaged in a job. He can spare little time for preparation. Keeping this fact in mind, we have designed our course in a compact form. A minimum of two hours study of our course will certainly help you in getting good grades in AMIE exams.
  • Faculty - Luckily our institute is situated in Roorkee - an education hub. We have a team of retd. professors from IIT, Roorkee and working faculty from various engineering colleges in Roorkee.
  • Kaizen strategy adopted - We are a big fan of Japanese Kaizen strategy (continuous improvement) and hence, we follow it vigorously in our course development.
  • Course content - Well, we cover entire AMIE syllabus as prescribed by IEI, Kolkata. The entire printed course material in the form of notes is divided into a number of modules consisting of basic concepts and examples to bring out clarity. At the end of the module, a number of problems from AMIE exams (with answers and hints) are given in assignment sheets. Objective type questions (compulsory@20 marks) are also given in a separate module. See sample notes and free stuff
  • Online support - To further strengthen our AMIE course, we are giving online support which includes AMIE question papers, model papers, online objective questions, video lectures, audio lectures, eBooks (digital library) and course updates.

Study Material for Junior Engineer Level Exams (SSC, RRB, PSU & State Level Exams)

100% Online Preparatory Course at just ₹ 999/- with CBT

Are you preparing for any recruitment exam? Or someone among your friends? If yes, why not give our course a try? 

After the immense success of AMIE packages and on persistent demand from aspirants preparing for J.E. level exams, we came up with study material for these exams in civil, electrical and mechanical engineering branches. 

Our study material is a scientifically structured material which comprehensively covers all topics as per the format of the written test. The intention of this course is to provide extensive preparation and practice on all papers - objective, conventional, quantitative aptitude and general awareness. The course is available in online mode only.  

Services of faculty from highest positions (IIT, Research institutions & public sector units) have been taken while preparing the course.

Feedback from our awesome students

Let me first thank to you and your team for providing such useful study material for AMIE. It was so straight forward and module based, so I could clear AMIE in very short time.
Your Online support also very very useful. I always recommend to student to purchase study material from you.

Thanks to AMIE(I) Study Circle, Roorkee for my success.
Rupali Bavishi (ST-577932-5), Rajkot Gujarat
(Rupali passed AMIE in record time with high grades. The Institution of Engineers (India) has decided to award her a Merit Medal and a certificate.)

Thanks a lot for ur support to pass the amie exam.

Thanks to all members of AMIE STUDY CIRCLE which supported me for achieving my goal.

[Google review] Good Material for those who want to clear AMIE. Study material covers important syllabus and presented in an easy to grasp language. No need for tuition if you purchase material from here.

[Google review] Good study material to pass AMIE exam in first attempt.

Today I got received the Notes of "Measurements and control". Now I feel confident after thoroughly looking the notes. Notes quality are Nice. Apart from the notes can you guide me, what should I prepare more for the subject. Courier packaging was excellent.