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  1. Candidates enrolled within 30 Sep 2019 are eligible for Winter 2019 Examination
  2. Order dated 23.09.2019 passed by Delhi High Court regarding eligibility of GATE 2020 Click to view 
  3. Result of AMIE Summer 2019 exams (Section A/B only) declared.  Click to view For more information, see AMIE News below.
  5. RE-REGISTRATION AFTER EXPIRY OF 6 YEARS- It will be a great headache to go for AMIE re-registration after the expiry of 6 years of membership. You have to go through time-consuming steps. We have introduced a re-registration package which is specially tailored as per your needs. Download prospectus for re-registration prospectus for Section A  & Download prospectus for re-registration prospectus for Section B
  6. Excellent study material for all branches (including optional subjects) with online support. See details


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Our Packages for AMIE Exams

Full form of AMIE is "Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers". AMIE is a professional certification given by Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata. The qualification can be earned by passing Section A, Project Work and Section B examination of the Institution. If you pass both sections of the examination, you become an Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers (AM). AMIE is equivalent to B Tech. Know more about AMIE. Why should you join our course for AMIE exams?

Course Features

Highlights of our course material

  • Language of the course - Entire course is written in very lucid English language easy to understand.
  • No text-book study required - As far as study for AMIE is concerned, text-book always baffles. The novelty of our course is that it is focused. Focused on AMIE Examinations - entire syllabus covered. That is why our preparatory course is better than books as far as AMIE examinations are concerned.
  • The Best option for working aspirants - We know that an AMIE aspirant is most probably engaged in a job. He can spare little time for preparation. Keeping this fact in mind, we have designed our course in a compact form. A minimum of two hours study of our course will certainly help you in getting good grades in AMIE exams.
  • Faculty - Luckily our institute is situated in Roorkee - an education hub. We have a team of retd. professors from IIT, Roorkee and working faculty from various engineering colleges in Roorkee.
  • Kaizen strategy adopted - We are a big fan of Japanese Kaizen strategy (continuous improvement) and hence, we follow it vigorously in our course development.
  • Course content - Well, we cover entire AMIE syllabus as prescribed by IEI, Kolkata. The entire printed course material in the form of notes is divided into a number of modules consisting of basic concepts and examples to bring out clarity. At the end of the module, a number of problems from AMIE exams (with answers and hints) are given in assignment sheets. Objective type questions (compulsory@20 marks) are also given in a separate module. See sample notes and free stuff
  • Online support - To further strengthen our AMIE course, we are giving online support which includes AMIE question papers, model papers, online objective questions, video lectures, audio lectures, eBooks (digital library) and course updates. See free online support
  • Helpdesk - You can call at +91-9412903929 or WhatsApp at +91-9412903929 or email at for any inquiry bubbling in your mind.


A feedback from AMIE topper

II come to know that I have got the third highest marks in Section A (Diploma) Exam. I just got a letter from IEI announcing that I will be presented with Suman Sharma Award and a certificate of merit along with a cheque of requisite amount in 27th IEI convocation in Jaipur. I'm feeling thrilled. 

Not all AMIE aspirants think that "AMIE" is a very tough exam. If you believe in your self and give the proper time for your study with regularity then you can achieve good grades leading to high CGPA.

If you need a good & best study material then I would highly recommend using study material by AMIE Study Circle, Roorkee. This study material is best for the preparation of AMIE exams and can help you in fulfilling all your ambitions regarding AMIE exams.


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