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AMIE Exam Hall

Inside AMIE exam hall

Codes And Tables In Exam Hall

Yes. On request, certain codes and tables are given in AMIE exam hall.

Forget To Bring AMIE Identity/Admit Card In Exam Hall

If you do not find id card then do the following: Bring your two passport size photographs and an identity (original and Xerox) (such as original PAN card, Vote identity, Employment id, License etc) to officials of your local/exam centre. They will issue you provisional permission to appear in AMIE exams.

How To Know Exam Centre

Just a few days before AMIE exams, roll number/admit card are published on or Exam centre is also mentioned on admit card (but not the address). Take print of admit card to use in exam hall.

For exact location (address) of exam venue and to get AMIE admit card, you must contact your exam centre a few days before exams.

To get address of exam venue, contact your AMIE Centre or check this link for list of addresses exam centres

AMIE Admit card must be used with identity card. Without identity card, you will not be permitted to appear in AMIE exams.

How to Search Exact Address of AMIE Exam Centre

Got Admit Card But Not Identity Card

If you do not get AMIE identity card then do the following: Download form of AMIE identity card undertaking, fill it and bring it with you in exam centre with an additional photograph and Xerox of identity (such as vote card or license or PAN or employment id card etc).

Admit Card Showing Different Exam Centre Than What I Opted

Generally nearest exam centre will be the default exam centre. You may contact your local centre to know your default exam centre. For phone number/address of local/state centres, you must contact your centre/exam centre.

If you wish to choose different centre then fill code number of exam centre of your choice in the exam form and enclose an application stating the reason of selecting a particular exam centre with proof (such as you are staying in that city for few days, company project in that city etc.). You will definitely be given exam centre of your choice.

List Of AMIE Centres And Exam Centres

local/state centres of AMIE

List of AMIE exam centres

See AMIE exam centres only few days before start of AMIE exams.

Changing Exam Centre

For change of AMIE exam centre, you should contact at

Call: +91-33-40106234


Use Of Scientific Calculator In Exam Hall

Casio FX991MS is the answer. FX82/83ES series scientific calculators are equally good and are being used by many students. How to use Casio scientific calculator

Buy Casio FX-82MS calculator

AMIE Exam Timings

FN: 10 to 1 (Forenoon)

AN: 2.30 to 5.30 (Afternoon)

Section A Diploma stream: Only one subject daily (10 to 1)

Others: Two subjects per day

See AMIE Exam scheme

Exam Centres: Name of exam centre is mentioned on admit card. You are suggested to know exact address of your exam centre by calling relevant centre (which is mentioned in your admit card) on their phone number.

Local/state centre address/phone number

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to bring admit card and identity card both in exam hall?

Yes. Bring both admit card and identity card in exam hall.

Can I use calculator in exam hall?

Yes. You can use scientific calculator such as Casio fx 82A or fx 82MS in exam hall. Don't use programmable calculator in exam hall. Also, you should carry a proof (as sometimes a foolish instructor may ask for it!) that the calculator you are using is scientific and not programmable. For this you keep manual of calculator with you which states that it is scientific calculator.

Can I use codes/tables in exam hall?

You can use codes and tables in "design subject" only, e.g. Analysis and design of structures (CV 407), System analysis and design (CP 407) etc. You can demand these codes and tables in exam hall or you may carry your own in exam hall.

How to know exam centre address?

For exact location (address) of AMIE exam centre, you must contact your local/state centre. See address of local/state centres with phone numbers and email.

I got my admit card but did not get my identity card and AMIE exams are about to commence. What should I do?

You have to fill and submit an identity card undertaking and bring it with you in exam centre with an additional photograph and Xerox of identity (such as vote card or license or PAN or employment id card etc).

What would happen if I write my roll number or name inside my answer sheet?

If you write anything except answers to the questions in answer sheet, your result will be withheld! Be aware of this.