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Admission in AMIE

How to Join AMIE after passing Diploma or 10+2

Eligibility For AMIE? 

Who Can: 

Polytechnic Diploma, Diploma from IETE, IME, ICE, IGNOU, CIPET and NTTF etc.

Diploma after ITI (lateral entry). Candidates who have passed 2-year ITI/Vocational Courses in specified trade, after class X and have got lateral entry directly in Second year of 3 year Engineering Diploma Courses being conducted by respective State Board of Technical Education will be considered for Senior Technician Membership of the Institution.

10+2 in physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English is also recognised by IEI for doing AMIE. Minimum aggregate must be 45%, aggregate in PCM must be 45% and you must pass English without grace. If you have not passed any of these subjects, then you may pass that subject from NIOS.

Who Can't:

Diploma from RVD, IASE, KSOU are not recognised by IEI for doing AMIE are NOT eligible for AMIE.

Download detailed eligibility conditions for AMIE

AMIE Discrepancy List

Not all AMIE membership forms are accepted by IEI. If there is error in the form such as wrong attestation, non eligibility, error in DD/credit card payment etc., IEI will put details of error in a list called discrepancy list.

AMIE After B.Tech In Different Branch

There are many B Tech students who wish to do AMIE in different branch. They have to follow many steps to do so.  Read full Infirmation 

If you do not want to do so many formalities then you may join our AMIE Registration Package after B Tech.

Exemption Of Sec A Of AMIE Due To Certain Qualifications

If your qualification is such that you are exmpted from Section A, then you may apply normally on AMIE membership form. You will get registration documents for section B from IEI after finalisation of your membership. You may apply directly or through our AMIE admission package See plans & pricing). In later case, you may opt for coaching material of four subjects of AMIE (Section B) instead of AMIE (Section A).

AMIE Admission Notification

After finalization of AMIE membership you will get another SMS from IEI. AMIE Membership process takes at least 1 month. 

You can check your AMIE membership status in a list.

In case your name does not appear in latest list even after 3 months days of applying, pl check whether your name appears in AMIE discrepancy list. (Note: Number like 110200051340 is NOT membership number. It is registration number. Membership number will start from T or ST).

If you did not get any SMS, make an inquiry at Universal Computerised Number: 033-40155400 (stating your demend draft or reference number)

AMIE Reference Number & Membership Number

Registration number and reference numbers are same. Registration/reference number (example: 120020028141) is valid till you get AMIE membership number (such as ST524786-7).

Working Experiance For AMIE

Working experience is needed while registering for AMIE (Section B). In AMIE (Section A), no experience is needed.

Time Limit To Complete AMIE

6 years for AMIE (Section A) (start from date of election) + 6 years for section B (start counting immediately after passing section A).  Download AMIE Rules

Change Of Name

IEI uses the name taken from your latest qualification on which basis you are getting AMIE admission in IEI. So, your name is taken from say Diploma (not from metric certificate). Hence there is no possibility of name change in IEI records.

AMIE For Students Working Outside India

You may take membership at Indian address. But, it is not possible to give exams from few countries (including gulf countries). See list of exam centres. If your country is not listed in this list, then you have to come to India for exams. You may join our AMIE admission package. See plans & pricing.

Changing Membership After Passing Diploma

Many times students studying in Diploma also start doing AMIE on the basis of 10+2 qualification. In that case they have to pass nine subjects in Section A. If they do not clear all these papers and want to change their technician membership to Senior Technician Membership after passing Diploma - it can be done.  More on changing AMIE membership

Documents To Be Attached With AMIE Membership Form

For Diploma Pass outs attach Xerox of:

high school(10th) mark sheet and certificate Intermediate mark sheet(12th) and certificate (not necessary if you have done diploma after high school)

Diploma final pass mark sheets

Provisional certificate as obtained from your polytechnic (not more tha two years old).

If your provisional certificate is older than two years, then enclose Xerox of certificate obtained from Board of Technical Education.

(All attested by AMIE/MIE/FIE member)

  For 10+2 (PCME) Xerox copies of: 

high school(10th) mark sheet and certificate

Intermediate (12th), mark sheet and certificate

(All attested by AMIE/MIE/FIE member)

Engineering Branches Covered In AMIE

Presently AMIE exams are being conducted in certain engineering branches.

Presently these branches are being covered: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Production Engineering, Textile Engineering

You can do AMIE an any branch. However, you should prefer to do AMIE in same branch in which you did Diploma.

AMIE Exam Form Dates For New Membership

You can fill exam form for forthcoming exams if your date of election is on or before Feb 28 (for Summer exam) or August 31 (for Winter exam). This condition holds good for new membership.

You will receive other documents at appropriate time from IEI, Kolkata.

If you do not received these documents after a long time has passed, you should see your status by clicking on following links:

Non-delivery study material and identity card

Please see whether your name is appearing in the list, if you have not received the above documents within the stipulated time as mentioned. If your name is appearing in the list, please send a demand draft for Rs. 265/- for non receipt of the Study Material in favour of ‘The Institution of Engineers (India)’, payable at Kolkata, and Rs. 300/- by demand draft (DD).

Identity card is generally sent separately after few weeks of sending membership number.

Age Criteria For AMIE Admission

Minimum age for 10+2 pass students is 17 and that for Diploma holders is 18 years.

Contacts For AMIE Membership Issues

If you have not applied for AMIE through us, you may send email or call at following persons otherwise send email to

Enquiry for Senior Technician and Technician Membership of AMIE





Not all AMIE membership forms are accepted by IEI. If there is error in the form such as wrong attestation, non eligibility, error in DD/credit card payment etc., IEI will put details of error in a list called discrepancy list.

Refund Of Fees In Case Of Rejection

Email at