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Section B Registration

Section B registrationn after passing Section A

Eligibility for Section B

Technician/Senior Technician members enrolled with the Institution who have passed Section A of the Institution Examination or any other examination recognised by the Council as exempting therefrom


Corporate members (IEI members with AM, M grade membership), who have passed Sections A & B of Institution Examinations in one branch of engineering or secured exemption therefrom for appearing in another branch of engineering, are only eligible to apply for appearance in Section B.

Such candidates are required to register for Section B examination, immediately after the declaration of result of Section A examination with requisite fee indicating their choice of (a) branch of engineering, (b) optional subjects selected.

Subjects, marks and grading

A candidate shall be required to qualify in 9 subjects — 6  compulsory and 3  optional The full marks for examination in each subject is 100 and the duration of examination for each subject is 3 hours. See detailed syllabi

Further, a candidate shall have to complete project work and also sessional work on laboratory experiments. Full marks shall be 100 (one hundred) each for project work and laboratory experiments.

A candidate shall be required to secure a minimum grade ‘C’ in 7 subjects and grade ‘D’ in the remaining two subjects to completely pass Section B Examination.

A score of grade ‘D’ in two subjects shall only be considered in the last attempt provided the candidate secured a minimum grade ‘C’ in the remaining seven subjects in any branch with a minimum GPA being 6. See full information on grading in AMIE exams.

A candidate shall not be permitted to appear in more than 4 (four) subjects at a time in one term.

How can I get registered in Section B just after passing Section A?

You have three options:

- Wait for docs to come from IEI

- You can apply directly

- You can join our AMIE (Section B) registration package for accelerated registration. No complications. Just a single window service.

What is the best time to apply for Section B?

If you just passed Section A of AMIE exams then you must apply for Section B registration as early as possible. If you apply late, You will be left with less time (less than 6 years depending upon how late you apply). You will get Section B registration form from IEI or you may join our Section B registration package.

Is it true that I must show experience while applying for Section B?

While filling Section B registration form for AMIE exams, one must complete certificate of engagement section in the form. This is absolute necessary. However if certifying engineer is not a member of IEI (FIE/MIE/AMIE) then you may skip his membership number and simply put a dash (-) in the column.

I have passed AMIE completely. Now I wish to do AMIE in different branch. Is it possible?

After passing AMIE, just wait for Associate Membership. Your number will start as AM-***. Then register for AMIE (Section B).

Download AMIE Section B registration form

Can I do AMIE after passing B Tech?

Yes, you can. But, you have to do AMIE in different branch than that of B Tech. See more details in this regard.

Please share contact details regarding Section B registration.

You may visit this webpage for IEI contact details.

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