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Section B Registration

Section B registrationn after passing Section A

How can I get registered in Section B just after passing Section A?

You have three options:

- Wait for docs to come from IEI

- You can apply directly

- You can join our AMIE (Section B) registration package for accelerated registration. No complications. Just a single window service.

What is the best time to apply for Section B?

If you just passed Section A of AMIE exams then you must apply for Section B registration as early as possible. If you apply late, You will be left with less time (less than 6 years depending upon how late you apply). You will get Section B registration form from IEI or you may join our Section B registration package.

Is it true that I must show experience while applying for Section B?

While filling Section B registration form for AMIE exams, one must complete certificate of engagement section in the form. This is absolute necessary. However if certifying engineer is not a member of IEI (FIE/MIE/AMIE) then you may skip his membership number and simply put a dash (-) in the column.

I have passed AMIE completely. Now I wish to do AMIE in different branch. Is it possible?

After passing AMIE, just wait for Associate Membership. Your number will start as AM-***. Then register for AMIE (Section B).

Download AMIE Section B registration form

Can I do AMIE after passing B Tech?

Yes, you can. But, you have to do AMIE in different branch than that of B Tech. See more details in this regard.

Please share contact details regarding Section B registration.

You may visit this webpage for IEI contact details.