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About AMIE Exams

AMIE at a Glance

What Is AMIE?

Full form of AMIE is "Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers". AMIE is a professional certification given by Institution of Engineers (India).

How can I acquire this qualification?

The qualification can be earned by passing Section A, Project Work and Section B examination of the Institution. If you pass both sections of the examination, you become an Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers (AM).

Is AMIE equivalent to B Tech?

AMIE is equivalent to B Tech. However, it is a continuing education. It means that AMIE should be pursued by working aspirants engaged in engineering field. When you pass Section A and apply for Section B, then you have to fill a certificate of job engagement given in the form itself.

In how many exam centres, AMIE exams are conducted?

Sections A & B of AMIE Examinations are conducted in over 65 Examination Centres in the country and also in five overseas chapters (Kathmandu, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha and Kuwait).

Enlighten me about The Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata.

The institution of Engineers (India) frequently called IEI or AMIE Kolkata, is the premier and largest professional body of engineers in the country. The IEI has over seven lakh members on its roll and fifteen engineering disciplines co-exist under IEI. It has a network of 27 State Centres (at state capitals) and 76 Local Centres spreading all over India.

In which engineering branches AMIE exams are being conducted presently?

AMIE courses and exams are conducted by The Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata in following engineering branches AMIE exams are being held in these branches):

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Materials & Metallurgical Engineering

Mining Engineering

Production Engineering

Textiles Engineering

Other branches are (presently exams are not conducted in these branches)






What is eligibility for AMIE?

 Who Can:  

Polytechnic Diploma, Diploma from IETE, IME, ICE, IGNOU, CIPET and NTTF etc. 

Diploma after ITI (lateral entry). Candidates who have passed 2-year ITI/Vocational Courses in specified trade, after class X and have got lateral entry directly in Second year of 3 year Engineering Diploma Courses being conducted by respective State Board of Technical Education will be considered for Senior Technician Membership of the Institution.

Who Can't: 

Diploma from RVD, IASE, KSOU are not recognised by IEI for doing AMIE are NOT eligible for AMIE. 

Download detailed eligibility conditions for AMIE

Is AMIE recognised?

Yes, it is. The Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development considers this AMIE qualification is equivalent to a degree in engineering. Government of India in continuation to its earlier recognition, has recognised passing of sections A and B AMIE examinations as revised, conducted by The Institution of Engineers (India), as equivalent to bachelor's Degree in the appropriate branch of Engineering of the recognised universities in India and has notified in the gazette of India, Part I, Section I, dated February 11, 2006.

More on AMIE Recognition

What is time period to complete AMIE?

A maximum of 6 years are given by IEI for passing Section A and again another 6 years for passing Section B. Exams are conducted in June and December every year. You can appear in maximum four subjects in one exam. If you are unable to pass respectice sections in stipulated time, then you have to apply for re-registration.

How many Section I have to pass?

There are two sections, namely Section A and Section B, in this examination. Section A is common for all candidates. Under Section B, a particular engineering branch of engineering has to be chosen from among the streams offered.

Can I choose branch of my choice?

Yes, while applying for Section B, you can choose branch of your choice. Section A is common for all branches.

Marks and time of exam?

The full marks for AMIE examination in each subject are 100. The duration of examination for each subject is three  hours. A grading system is followed for all subjects.

When AMIE exams are conducted?

Exams are conducted in June and December (generally from first saturday) every year as per exam scheme. You can appear in maximum four subjects in one exam.

When should I apply for Section B?

After passing Section A examination in full, you are required to apply for registration for Section B examination in any one engineering discipline of your choice with a requisite fee.  You are required to pass a total of nine subjects (six compulsory and three optional) in Section B. You can opt maximum four subjects in one attempt. A grading system is followed for all subjects.

When should I apply for project and laboratory work?

Project work and/or laboratory work can be carried out only after clearing 5 subjects of Section B with minimum grade "C". Also, you should be employed and engaged in engineering activities during the period. A separate application for project work should be made by you to the headquarters of the institution within the stipulated date.

You are also required to register for laboratory experiments by filling the application form, along with a demand draft of requisite fee. On receipt of the application with the choice of engineering college/institute and fee, you will be intimated the name of the engineering college/institute where you have to perform the laboratory experiments.

What is medium of AMIE exams?

English is the medium of AMIE examinations. However, you may opt for Hindi medium provided you have passed your Diploma in Hindi medium and taken prior permission to this effect from IEI.

Enlighten me on AMIE syllabus?

There are 4 subjects in Section A (Diploma stream). After Section A, you will be admitted to appear for the Section B examination. This consists of 9 papers of which 6 are compulsory and 3 optional. After passing min. 5 papers of section-B in respective branch, the student will be admitted to appear for Project Work/Laboratory experiments.

What about Grade Card?

The grade cards are issued to all the candidates who appear in Section A or in Section B examination. To pass minimum grade is "C".

After passing AMIE which certificates be issued to me?

All the candidates passing Section B examination in a year are awarded pass certificates at the Annual Convocation held in the succeeding year.

A 'Provisional Certificate' is issued on passing Section B examination to the candidate along with the grade card of Section B examination.

What are the prospects after passing AMIE?

- After passing AMIE exams, you will become Corporate Member of IEI.

- You may appear in GATE Examinations for M.E./M.Tech. courses

- You may now work as a Consultant in respective engineering field

- You may sit in various competitive examinations viz. IES, IAS , MBA, and many more

- You may get promotions in many Government /Private/Public sector departments

- You may apply for superior posts.

- Practice of Engineering Profession . Chartered Engineer’s Certificate from IEI possesses the platform to practice as self-employed consultant in Engineering Profession in India and abroad. This certification provides value addition during the empanelment as Value, Loss Assessor with various Government bodies and Financial Institutions. Corporate Members are entitled to receive Chartered Engineer certificate on payment of requisite fee. 

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